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The adventures park from Dragus
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Our partners
Because we are young and we believe in partnership, we trust all our partners and friends who have shown us support over the time.
The adventures park from Dragus's partners come from many fields of activity. This is proof that we are open to proposals of any kind and mutal beneficial collaborations.
Please access the websites of our partners, but also visit the locations that they propose and events they produce.
Our partners

In TransylvaniaIn Transylvania: In Fagaras, in the middle of nature, on a ski track, like a place from a tale, surrounded by forest, there is a fairytale festival called simply: In Transylvania.

In Transylvania is much more than a music festival, is an experience by itself. Between 10 and 13 July, we are expecting you for adventure activities, workshops, games, theater, sports competitions, fun and joy. It is an escape in nature with all the necessary ingredients. (Read more about it.)


Primaria DragusDragus Village – History of the inhabitants of the town is lost in the mists of time. Until the XIV century, the people of Dragus were all free men, the main occupation being agriculture and farming. In the XVII century, the historical evidence shows that the Dragus area actually belonged to Transilvania.

The city is situated in the Fagaras Valley at the bottom of Fagaras Mountains, in the north. Fagaras valley, is presented to his visitors as an amphitheater. (Read more about it.)


Sambata de JosSambata de Jos: Is situated in the village of Voila, Brasov, Romania. On DN1, between Brasov and Sibiu, 13 km west of Fagaras. Sambata de Jos is bordering in north, with the Olt River, south with Sambata de Sus, with Voila village on east and Oltet village west. Full of attractions.

Sambata de Jos is situated on DN1 National Road, near the Olt river and awaits you with memorable attractions. (Read more about it.)


Wild Life WatchingWild Life Watching: Get ready for the adventure of your life. In Dragus area, we have multiple locations, where you can do the most exciting thing you can do, in the forest. Wild life watching!

And you must believe us. It's one of the most exciting things you will experience in your life time. If you are ready for some real thrills, get ready. Bears, deers, foxes, wolves or squirrels. All in front of you. (Read more about it.)

The adventures park from Dragus is located 24 km from the city of Fagaras, 8 km east from the city of Victoria and just 1 km from Brancoveanu Monastery (Sambata de Sus). Access is made from DN1 E68, from Fagaras to Sibiu. On Sambata de Jos village, you turn left on DJ 105 B and follow the signs showing "Manastirea Brancoveanu" (approx. 10 km) and then follow the signs showing "Parcul de aventuri din Drăguș " (approx. 1 km). We are located near the "Dragus Ski Track". (More directions in here)
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