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The adventures park from Dragus
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Park rules
Park rules
Safety comes first, for all participants. The presented rules should be read before entering the park and you may access the park, only after you acknowledge that you understand and accept this rules.
Along with buying the ticket, all users must agree entirely with our park rules. Also available for all our activities.
The instructions before entering on any route, techniques and use of your protective equipment are mandatory.

• The adventures park from Dragus is a private park and we reserve the right to select our clientele.

• The management has the right to exclude any person from the park that do not respect security rules imposed. without a refund. In bad weather situations, the park management may interrupt the activity.

• The damage of equipment, made ​​available for use in the park, from failure to follow the use instruction, will be paid by the guilty person.

• All participants in park activities must have health insurance. Once with the ticket purchase, all customers must agree entirely with the park rules.

• This applies to all our activities. Access on climbing routes is made with full protective clothing (harness, helmet, carabiners, pulleys, gloves) and only after a training session with our park staff.

• Instructions, before entering on any route, techniques and use of personal protective equipment are required for each participant. Participants must follow all instructions.


• The initiation trail is mandatory and all participants are responsible for strict following of security instructions.

• The most important rule of security is to remain permanently hooked from cables with your safety rifles.

• In order to have permanent safety, rifles must be permanently connected to the steel cable for insurance.

• The slides on zip-lines can not be started by jumping and is strictly prohibited hand gripping the steel cable until you stop moving.

• After completing the initiation trail all participants may use all routes on their own will.

• We are not responsible for lost or stolen goods in the park area.

• The harness can not borrow or exchange with another person.

• For childrens, the consent must be expressed by the adults who accompany them.

- Fire or fire ignitions;
- Smoking in any other place besides the specially designated places;
- Willfully damaging of any plant or equipment from the park;
  - Entering with food or gum in your mouth or without proper equipment;
- Littering of any kind;
- Destruction of nature by breaking branches or trees or existing decorations from the park;
  - Accesing the park routes to people who have health problems or are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicines that reduce vigilance;
- Unauthorized entering on routes and trails.
The adventures park from Dragus is located 24 km from the city of Fagaras, 8 km east from the city of Victoria and just 1 km from Brancoveanu Monastery (Sambata de Sus). Access is made from DN1 E68, from Fagaras to Sibiu. On Sambata de Jos village, you turn left on DJ 105 B and follow the signs showing "Manastirea Brancoveanu" (approx. 10 km) and then follow the signs showing "Parcul de aventuri din Drăguș " (approx. 1 km). We are located near the "Dragus Ski Track". (More directions in here)
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