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The adventures park from Dragus
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Park prices
Park prices
We combine business with pleasure! Fun and sports, in nature! What are you waiting for?! We are waiting for you in Fagaras Mountains, for unforgettable moments with friends, family and loved ones.
The adventures park from Dragus: 7 progressive trails, zip-lines, climbing double sided panel with 8 climbing lines, available for both children and adults, mini golf, archery and many more.
A fresh new thing is the downhill zip-line path, with a total length of 500 meters.
No. Services/Products   per round/tour
1. Adventure trail/Climbing - 2h - Children up to 12 years old - 45 RON(romanian currency)
2. Adventure trail/Climbing - 2h - Children over 12 years old and adults - 55 RON(romanian currency)
3. Suplimentary time: From 1 minute to 30 minutes above usual time - 15 RON(romanian currency)
4. Gun Shooting - Pistol - 10 BBs (Airsoft) - 15 RON(romanian currency)
5. Gun Shooting - Pistol - 20 BBs (Airsoft) - 20 RON(romanian currency)
6. Gun Shooting - Pistol - 60 BBs (Airsoft) - 35 RON(romanian currency)
7. Archery - 10 arrows - 20 RON(romanian currency)
8. Archery - 20 arrows - 30 RON(romanian currency)
9. Archery - 50 arrows - 60 RON(romanian currency)
10. PaintBall - per person - 100 paint balls - 70 RON(romanian currency)
11. PaintBall - Per person - 100 paint balls field recharging - 35 RON(romanian currency)
12. Minigolf Trail - 30 mins/ with max. 3 clubs - 20 RON(romanian currency)
The adventures park from Dragus is located 24 km from the city of Fagaras, 8 km east from the city of Victoria and just 1 km from Brancoveanu Monastery (Sambata de Sus). Access is made from DN1 E68, from Fagaras to Sibiu. On Sambata de Jos village, you turn left on DJ 105 B and follow the signs showing "Manastirea Brancoveanu" (approx. 10 km) and then follow the signs showing "Parcul de aventuri din Drăguș " (approx. 1 km). We are located near the "Dragus Ski Track". (More directions in here)
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