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The adventures park from Dragus
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Clients testimonials
Each route that you can find at The adventures park from Dragus, has some difficulty grade which is symbolized by a specific color. But your safety is always first.
The adventures park from Dragus: 5 progressive trails, zip-lines, climbing double sided panel with 7 climbing lines, available for both children and adults, mini golf, archery and many more.
Well prepared and extreme professionals, The adventures park from Dragus team, is at your disposal.

"I'm glad I've had the opportunity to be among the first customers. We came from 350 km far, from Braila and we discovered many wonderful places in the area and very wonderful people. If you want to feel good and do some movement, visit the park! Next time we will have even more movement and fun."

(Dorin George - Braila - Romania)


"On one rainy day at the end of May, we got caught by the same rain in Fagaras. I gave up going to another adventure park. But I wanted an adventure like that. And the goal was achieved when we arrived at The adventures park from Dragus."

(Florina Nazarie - Cluj-Napoca - Romania)




"The Park is ocoupping more than an hectar inside the forest of Dragus. Consists of 3 routes, from which one is for kids, and the over two for adults. Staff advising that is in intention to extend more and create further more atractions. You can shoot with airsoft guns and use bows, climbing."

(Mike - Galati - Romania)


"Suuuper.. I highly recommend to anyone. Regardless of age."

(Radu Ciolacu - Brasov - Romania)


"Very nice, for children and adults. Congratulations and good luck."

(Angela Hanes - Blaj - Romania)




"Coolest park with the coolest trainers! Worth seeing!"

(Basaran Mert - Istanbul, Turkey)


"A great adrenaline slice and the staff is very welcoming and helpfull. I will return, for sure!"

(Kosmo Oil - Bucuresti - Romania)


"Great way to spend your time. It may lack a 'pen' to keep small children (joke)."

(Aoncioaie Mariana - Bucuresti - Romania)




"A great place with very friendly staff. Recommended for any age! Congratulations!"

(Adriana Scarlat - Bucuresti - Romania)


"Very nice, lots of fun, everyone there is so nice. Worth going."

(Divile Aurora - Fagaras - Romania)


"Very nice. And especially, this is a park for all ages!"

(Mihaela Simona - Brasov - Romania)




"I liked it. And I will come back. Very nice! I recommend it. "

(Adina Farcas - Brasov - Romania)


"Long time until we can see you again in April. We really miss you."

(Popescu Iulia - Bucuresti - Romania)


"Thanks again for everything you do! Again, we had a great time with you."

(Camelia Bertea - Victoria - Romania)




"Congratulations, someone finally thought to do such a park in the Fagaras area. I wish you success. See you next summer."

(Tantidul - Fagaras - Romania)


"Besides Brancoveanu Monastery and the stud loft from Sambata de Sus you can now spend some quality time at The adventures park from Dragus."

(Christian Macedonschi - Brasov - Romania)


"It's a, must try! Something new. A super experience. And with the festival wristband you can get a 30% discount at The adventures park from Dragus. "

(In Transylvania - Fagaras - Romania)




"You can now go to "In Transylvania" festival - and also to The adventures park from Dragus. With an 30% discount, with the festival wristband. "

(Dana Ninulescu - Bucuresti - Romania)

The adventures park from Dragus is located 24 km from the city of Fagaras, 8 km east from the city of Victoria and just 1 km from Brancoveanu Monastery (Sambata de Sus). Access is made from DN1 E68, from Fagaras to Sibiu. On Sambata de Jos village, you turn left on DJ 105 B and follow the signs showing "Manastirea Brancoveanu" (approx. 10 km) and then follow the signs showing "Parcul de aventuri din Drăguș " (approx. 1 km). We are located near the "Dragus Ski Track". (More directions in here)
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